The Many Facets of Tilburg’s Dodecahedron (Interview)

March 7, 2017

Next week we get Dodecahedron’s brand new exercise in high-concept dissonance via Kwintessens, due out March 17 on Season of Mist.  We conducted a little Q&A with guitarist/songwriter Michel Nienhuis and vocalist Michiel Eikenaar, much of which can be found in issue #150 (Decibel Tour cover), but you can read the remainder of the interview here.

Track Premiere: Dodecahedron, “HEXAHEDRON – Tilling The Human Soil”

December 8, 2016

Do you like Deathspell Omega? Of course you like Deathspell Omega! Everyone likes Deathspell Omega! But Deathspell Omega can’t always write and record Deathspell Omega EPs and albums. Good thing we’ve got Dodecahedron!