José Carlos Santos

Brujeria – Matando Güeros

April 8, 2024

Nothing seems right in cartels as Brujeria enters the Decibel Hall of Fame

Video Premiere: Icosandria – “Black Hxle 1999”

February 12, 2024

Hear Portugal four-piece Icosandria prove there is still power that there is still power in post-metal.

Video Premiere: Quits – “Bucolica”

December 13, 2023

Denver noise crew Quits deliver a less than bucolic rendering of their hometown.

Album Premiere: Aldrig – ‘Yağmur’

November 20, 2023

Hear newcomers Aldrig bring the post-black metal pain with their debut LP Yağmur.

Track Premiere: Fawn Limbs & Nadja – “Cascading Entropy”

November 9, 2023

Hear ruthlessly chaotic, grindy mathcore beasts Fawn Limbs team with noisy experimental ambient duo Nadja to melt minds on “Cascading Entropy”

Album Stream: Yatsu – It Can’t Happen Here

November 1, 2023

Hear Dallas-Fort Worth grindforce Yatsu obliterate your false sense of security on It Can’t Happen Here.

EXCLUSIVE: Dutch Atmospheric Black Metallers AN AUTUMN FOR CRIPPLED CHILDREN First-Ever Interview

August 3, 2023

On the eve of the release of their possible swan song Closure, Dutch atmospheric black metallers An Autumn for Crippled Children grant their first-ever interview

Video Premiere: Trivax – “Azrael / عزرائیل”

July 20, 2023

Watch Middle-Eastern-come-U.K. trio Trivax face the scythe wielder with an all-out black metal attack.

Exclusive Track-by-Track: UADA – ‘Crepuscule Natura’

July 6, 2023

We’ll have have more huge news on the new UADA album tomorrow, but today we present an exclusive track-by-track breakdown of one of the most anticipated albums of 2023, Crepuscule Natura.

Track Premiere: Transilience – “Seven Samurai”

June 29, 2023

Watch Virginia progressive thrash unsung heroes Transilience return with the first Kurosawa-inspired single from their new EP Nervesaw.

Track Premiere: ANZV – “Isimud”

February 14, 2023

To celebrate the second coming of their promising debut, scheduled for March 10, ANZV emerge from their mysterious depths with a new video for opening track “Isimud.”