Track Premiere: Fawn Limbs & Nadja – “Cascading Entropy”

Sure, Nadja have collaborated with roughly seventeen million bands throughout the course of their fascinatingly diverse and already respectably long career, and even the idea of pairing up with a more concrete, brutal band isn’t entirely new (the split with Disrotted comes to mind, for instance), but still, this one had us all worked up when we heard about it. As you’re probably aware, Fawn Limbs are one of those ruthlessly chaotic, grindy mathcore bands, with a tendency to experiment, for sure, but often it seems the only goal of that experimentation—like when they add noise and stuff to the already explosive mix—is to only become more chaotic and provoke severe migraines in the listener. So, yeah, we were really curious about this joining of duos for a whole album, Vestigial Spectra, to be released on November 24 via Roman Numeral. The first taster we got was a song called “Distilled In Observance,” which we were told at the time originated from the Nadja camp (apparently, one barebones Aidan Baker riff was enough to inspire all that sonic carnage), and that it was one of the “fast” ones on the album.

So, today, we’re happy to bring you what they are calling a “slow” one called “Cascading Entropy.” This second single originates instead from the Fawn Limbs side, so don’t be fooled by the slow thing, as after literally one second of ominous, emotionless feedback, you’re hit by the proverbial sack of bricks, a colossal, industrial-tinged doom intro that somehow slowly dissolved into a very Nadja-like uneasy yet soothing ambient part. Until the growls kick in, that is… and with this, we’ve only just described about one third of the song, and we’re frankly beaten up and exhausted by it already. You’ll have to take a deep breath and dive in to see how it goes on. But don’t expect roses.

Fawn Limbs vocalist and multi-instrumentist Eeli Helin has the following to get off his chest: “Being probably some of the heaviest material either band has ever produced, “Cascading Entropy” started out as a sketch from Fawn Limbs, contrary to the previously released single which originated in Nadja’s end, representing the ”slow” batch of tracks created for the album. Bringing out the more atmospheric doom vibes while keeping the rhythmic trickery in place was an interesting task, with the end result being rather ponderous and haunting, if you ask us. The lyrics deal with the concept of entropy in thermodynamics and biological systems, stitching together the ends of a wider spectrum, being probably the most down to earth—or at least the most mundane or ”normal”—set of words written for Vestigial Spectra. Sometimes being blunt is what it takes to deliver the message you need to deliver.”

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