Track Premiere: Manic Abraxas – ‘Skinformation’

Hailing from Bangor, Maine, weirdo trio Manic Abraxas took their disparate influences, tossed them in a blender and came out with a sound that resembles all of those things… and none of them at the same time. Citing High on Fire, Doomriders, Voivod, Corrosion of Conformity and even Venom as influences, the band’s new album Skinformation is a gnarly waltz through the riffy side of sludge.

On the title track, which you can stream below, Manic Abraxas start with a tense riff and vocals that slowly build up into a steady groove. Manic Abraxas’ sludgier influences and love for Voivod come through heavily on “Skinformation.” Engineered, mixed and mastered by Today is the Day mastermind Steve Austin, “Skinformation” is a slathered in a thick layer of grime and grit.

“‘Skinformation’ is a sonic representation of a world where the boundaries between mind and body are blurred, like a Philip K. Dick novel come to life,” says guitarist/vocalist Dallas Seger of the track. “This song is a dark, gritty exploration of the intersection between human connection and technological manipulation, where the virtual and real blur like a faulty mainframe. Here, a single touch can upload, download, or erase the very fabric of our thoughts, and the Skinformant’s deadly caress can rewrite the code of our reality. Let the crushing riffs and gothic melodies transport you to a realm where the lines between flesh and circuitry, reality and fantasy are erased”

Enter the sci-fi nightmare on August 2.