Track Premiere: Mourners Lament – ‘Ocaso’

Chilean death/doom outfit Mourners Lament first caught the attention of Decibel in early 2017, when they re-released their debut album, We All Be Given. The album’s opener, “As Solemn Pain Profaned,” was notable for its use of sparse instrumentation and general Anathema vibe. Seven years later, they’re back on our radar with “Ocaso,” a cut from their second album, A Grey Farewell.

“Ocaso” and A Grey Farewell in general signify some changes for Mourners Lament. The band opts for longer songs this time around, completing six tracks in over an hour. There are also more traces of funeral doom to be found on A Grey Farewell, as you can hear on “Ocaso.” The song also features heavy emphasis on spoken word, which contributes a layer of dark romanticism to the song.

The Peaceville Three are clearly still Mourners Lament’s main reference when crafting new songs but “Ocaso” is a big step in a more unique direction. At seven-and-a-half minutes, it’s the shortest track on A Grey Farewell and the perfect way to sample the new record. Listen to it below.

A Grey Farewell is out on August 2 via Personal Records.