Video Premiere: Kaonashi – “Straycations”

Credit: James Perry

Kaonashi are streaming the single from their new EP, A Second Chance at Forever: The Brilliant Lies from Casey Diamond, a collection of songs forthcoming on Equal Vision Records that sees the genre-shifting Philadelphia-based band getting even weirder. With “Straycations, the band lean into their post-hardcore roots and channel the feeling of a relationship at its breaking point. 

Guitarist  Alex Hallquist says about the track: 

“We wrote ‘Straycations’ front-to-back in the studio the same week it was recorded, which makes it feel more raw and vulnerable to me since we didn’t have time to get stuck in the details like we often do. It’s got a very early 2000’s emo vibe with a ton of dyad chords reminiscent of Coheed, Motion City Soundtrack, From Autumn to Ashes. But then the chorus and bridge open up and allow us to bring a little bit of the heavy prog we are known for back into this release. 

“Lots of call and response vocals between Peter (Rono) and I that bring me back to my roots playing Taking Back Sunday covers in my friend’s basements in high school. We wanted the music video to fit the feeling of the song, and I think director Victor Sabatino (@verysourcowboy) hit the nostalgia factor right on the nose.”

“I wish you’d just stop aiming and shoot,
At the target you’re guarding. So hard to forget,
How an underdog sits so loyal like a pet.”

Preorder the EP here.