Video Premiere: Louvado Abismo Take on the World with “Mundo”

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if your band is looking for a kick ass frontperson, then you should really tap into your local theater kid scene. The expressiveness and dramatics they’re able to dredge up brings a compelling vocal and stage presence that’s difficult to take your eyes and ears away from. Case in point and probably the best example: Voivod’s Denis “Snake” Belanger.

Hailing from Portugal and fronted by theater actress Patrícia Andrade (ex- Sinistro), Louvado Abismo is a new entry into the world that combines ‘80s and ‘90s post-punk, industrial, avant-garde and metallic hardcore. Their ace in the hole is Andrade’s range and vibe that soaks in bits from Karyn Crisis, Julie Christmas and even some Diamanda Galas. Also featuring ex-and-current members of Dawnrider, the Limit, Scum Liquor, A Tree of Signs, Mozart Meets Chaos and The Sleeper Has Awakened (guitarist Hugo Conim, drummer Pedro Almeida and bassist Hélder Luís), the band’s self-titled debut album was released on May 31st via Half Beast Records and today we’re premiering their latest video, “Mundo.”

Says the band about the video: “Musically, ‘Mundo’ was one of the last songs to be composed for the album and displays an industrial base that begins with a paradiddle on the snare drum, developing into the initial rhythm of the drums. The raw, cutting guitars form the basis where the bass wanders and the shouted vocals take over the song, playing with the words and wrapping them in different vocal layers to create moments of ecstasy and decompensation. Lyrically, it reflects the denial of life and disbelief in human beings and the world. An accumulation of experiences and thoughts creates a mental barrier between reality and a unique, parallel world, built on illusions externalized in multiple and misunderstood ways. The video was directed by Paulo Leite and filmed in the Algarve at ADR – CCS at Quinta S. Pedro.”

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Pic: Roberto Raposo



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