Track Premiere: Amarok – ‘Legacy (XIII)’

It’s been six years since Amarok‘s last release, their massive double LP, Devoured.  The doom outfit hasn’t become any faster in their downtime, as evidenced by Resilience, their upcoming new album. The album’s closing track, “Legacy (XIII),” is a massive, slow-burn offering that you can stream today via Decibel.

Starting with lightly-strummed acoustic guitars and light ambience that transition naturally into melodic funeral doom riffs, “Legacy (XIII)” puts a nice bow on everything—the melody, the moodiness and the heaviness—that Amarok do so expertly throughout Resilience. It’s a deeply personal song, as bassist and vocalist Brandon Squyres explains.

“‘Legacy’ is the most personal song I have ever written, lyric-wise. I wrote about the death of my father, but it has changed to have a much broader meaning to me, including the legacy left by too many of my friends that have passed. It’s a song that deals with the feelings of grief of losing someone you care about, and then trying to focus on what they contributed to your life instead of what you lost. It’s a really hard song for me to perform live, but one that I think is extremely important. Both for my own growth, and for the tribute to those that have meant so much to our lives.”

Check out the new tune below; Resilience is out on June 28 via Vulture Print and Vendetta Records.