Track Premiere: Cold Wives – ‘Unwashed and Misunderstood’

“Supergroup” feels like too pretentious a word for a genre as cynical as noise rock but that’s exactly what you can call Cold Wives, a new group consisting of current and former members of Unsane, Glassing, Made Out of Babies, Red Sparowes and Dining With Dogs, just to name a handful. They’re coming out of the gate with a self-titled album and Decibel has the skinny on its first single, “Unwashed and Misunderstood.”

Starting off with shouted vocals and a skronky riff, Cold Wives get right to business, doling out chugs, angular riffs and scathing vocals. The song takes a quieter, less noisy approach in the second half, mixing in sung vocals with the shouts and bringing the tempo down significantly. The end result sounds almost post-punk, ending on a bummer note.

You can hear it for yourself below. Cold Wives hits the streets in full on June 28 via Roman Numeral Records.