Video Premiere: Paradox Rift – “Doomsayer”

Paradox Web

Paradox Rift released their new album, Ensnared, and the track “Doomsayer” is a great example of the record. Check out the video below.

This heavy track tackles the topic of human frailty. The band say about the song:

“Here’s a track that clearly sounds different from the rest of the album. Rooted in an almost blackened metal style with tremolo guitar parts and a slow and steady pulse on the drums, the song picks up a bit in the beginning with an almost sarcastic guitar part that leads into a sort of breakdown chorus. This is also the only song where guitarist Preston takes the lead on vocals with Luke dueling and doubling over at parts.”

The song stems from the band’s love for black metal and an attempt to pay tribute to the genre. Listen all the way through, as this song gets heaviest at the end. 

Follow them on Bandcamp to grab the record and hear more.