Full EP Stream: Sulphur and Mercury – “Alchemia Prophetica”

You probably know Jason Netherton as the bassist and vocalist of deathgrind institution Misery Index and early Dying Fetus, but there’s more to the musician than meets the eye. In his new project, Sulphur and Mercury, Netherton contributes his voice to a more classic metal sound, combining heaviness with old-school heavy metal flair.

In Sulphur and Mercury, Netherton is joined by Hour of Penance bassist Marco Mastrobuono, Griefbringer drummer Dario Casabona and Nero Omega guitarist Francesco Conte. Given the lineup, it makes sense that Sulphur and Mercury have a harder edge to their songs, mixing Celtic Frost-esque extreme metal with a galloping and leaping core. In particular, Netherton’s vocals have a blackened edge to them. Their debut EP, Alchemia Prophetica, is a six-song (five, if you skip the intro) rager that spells out the band’s mission and showcases their love of old-school metal.

By the time first proper track “Invoke the Adversary” is over, you’ve probably thought of Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost, Venom, Satan and Sabbat, which would all be correct. Alchemia Prophetica takes the highs of first-wave black metal and the core of classic heavy metal. It works smoothly and before you know it, you’ll be fist pumping along—listen for yourself below.

“We are supremely stoked to finally release our debut Alchemia Prophetica upon the metal legions!” Jason Netherton declares. “We have been blackening this one in the cauldron for over a year now, and are perversely enthralled to usher it into the world via the mighty Decibel. Enjoy, worship the night and embrace the unknown…”

Alchemia Prophetica is out this Friday, April 12, on Time to Kill Records.