Album Stream: Throwing Bricks & Ontaard – ‘Oud Zeer’

Throwing Bricks and Ontaard release there split collaboration Oud Zeer on April 12th
Throwing Bricks and Ontaard release there split collaboration Oud Zeer on April 12th

Prepare for an explosive collaboration as Utrecht-based bands Throwing Bricks and Ontaard join forces to release their split album Oud Zeer on April 12. From sludge to hardcore punk, black metal to screamo, the album delivers a wrenching journey that reveals a deep bond between the two bands as they channel their passion into an exorcism of pain and frustration through their music.

Translating to “old pain” in Dutch, we asked both bands to give us their take on the collaboration’s namesake. In a joint statement, they responded: “‘Oud Zeer’ is a Dutch term for memories you would rather get rid of but simply can’t. Finding a way to deal with trauma and depression was always a connecting theme for us in Ontaard and Throwing Bricks. Even though it may sound dark, the music is mainly about processing misery rather than celebrating it. The past might shape you, but it doesn’t have to define you.”

Amidst the darkness, the bands appear to find solace in the camaraderie of friendship, which infuses the heavy with a sense of shared purpose and joy. But that’s not all. This collaborative effort extends beyond simply Throwing Bricks and Ontaard, with artists Johanna Kouwenhoven, Clasine Haringsma (Immen), and Kim Hoorweg (Vulva) joining the ranks to infuse Oud Zeer with additional potency.

Recorded and produced by Marius Prins (Throwing Bricks) at dB’s and Studio Moskou, cherished bastions of the Utrecht underground, the album carries added significance as these spaces face imminent demolition. Mastered by Tim de Gieter (Doodseskader, Amenra, Predatory Void) at Much Luv Studios, Oud Zeer is a testament to friendship, resilience, and the unyielding power of heavy music.

So, why wait for Friday? Dive headfirst into the maelstrom right here, right now, right below. And, if you love what you hear, we’ve also got you covered with a pre-order link. What can we say? We’re givers.