Blast Worship: Kidnapped

Where they from?
Connecticut. All everyone wants to talk about this week is the stupid fucking eclipse but I guarantee that will be ancient history by the time this thing hits the web. No, what is a far BIGGER news story is my one headphone stopped working at the gym. IDK if this has ever happened to you but I assure you it is a fate worse than death. Do you know how difficult cardio is when you have to listen to powerviolence ON ONE FUCKING EAR BUD??!?!?!?!?!?! It sucked more than anything has ever sucked before.

Why the hype?
You know what doesn’t suck? Kidnapped, the powerviolence band from the great state of Connecticut. They play fun and creative powerviolence that incorporates a little bit of that 1990’s noise metal skronk a la Unsane and filters it with blistering and berzerk fastcore a la Backslider and NJ’s beloved Chainsaw to the Face. Whoa, I just used ‘a la’ twice in one sentence, that’s how you know I’m being serious here. That’s one more ‘a la’ then I had working headphone this morning at Planet Fitness. SOUND THE LUNK ALARM!

Latest Release?
Disgust, self-released. I also wanna point out that this band does those sort of ‘oompa’ two steps much like (a la) Idaho’s Ingrown. Those are always fun and make me feel like a cowboy, and Imma be real with you chief, feeling like a cowboy is ninety percent of why I got into this music in the first place. The other 10? Well, I just really like having conversations with people who don’t brush their teeth enough. It’s been a lifelong passion of mine.