Track Premiere: Okular – “Wake-Up Call”

Norwegian death metal outlet Okular have returned after several years away to bring their brand of techy and progressive darkness back into our ears. The band is set to unleash Regenerate, their first album since 2013, and Decibel is pleased to unleash the album’s lead single “Wake-Up Call” here today. The song’s title is quite intentional, as the lyrics are an open salvo against demagoguery and reflexive extremism. It’s a theme that rests well alongside the spiraling riffs, crushing rhythms, and ferocious vocals.

According to the band:

“The music was written with the intent of making something completely wild and chaotic, yet still catchy and melodic. The lyrics address the unnecessary and destructive polarization in human society, acknowledging that this tendency exists within each of us, and that we have a choice of waking up from our own unconsciousness.”

Regenerate comes out on June 7 via Regenerative Productions.