Video Premiere: Sinistro – “Pontas Soltas”

It’s barely March, and Fall is promising to be EPIC. Take Exhibit A, for example, Portuguese doom mongers Sinistro. Today, unveiling the first single and video from their upcoming album, Vértice—their Alma Mater Records debut—due for release in September.

That’s right, in what could be described as a Tool video directed by David Lynch, Sinistro is giving us six whole months to decode the noir tale of a wooden jointed art class mannequin and whatever that smoking pile of dirt is supposed to be.

Brooding and moody, ‘Pontas Soltas’ sounds anything but loose as Priscila Da Costa’s siren call hunts the depths of Vértice’s sonic waters. If, like I, you’re irresistibly drawn to the slow and the dark, your day is about to improve considerably.

“It showcases the sound we have been perfecting since our previous two records,” the band tells Decibel. “The movie soundtrack vibes and the heavy density ambience mixed with a Fado sensibility throughout the entire album is a constant voyage into our world, the lyrics on ‘Pontas Soltas’ approach the familiar comfort of repetition vs the unknown aspects of life, life is not meant to be contained but rather embraced and admired as we unravel the beauty of its intricacies.”

Enjoy the first sampling from Vértice below, and if you figure out the smoking molehill, please let me know.