Full Album Stream: Deadyellow – “What Was Left of Them”

You could be forgiven for not knowing who Southern New Jersey post-black metal band Deadyellow are, but it’s time to change that. Formed over the pandemic and releasing their first full-length album in 2021, the quartet have honed their musicianship and songwriting skills at numerous live shows and on a split with US raw black metal trio Bobak. Their new album, What Was Left of Them, is the culmination of those three years and you can stream it below.

What Was Left of Them is the kind of album best enjoyed when one is fully immersed—the compositions are long and some tracks, like “I Am a House on Fire” and “The Wins That Came,” feel as if they exist to bridge the gap between the album’s more substantial songs. The album’s first five tracks build to album centerpiece “Fallen Trees,” a stirring 16-minute epic that soars through melodic and emotional highs and lows.

There are hints of bands like Ellende in Deadyellow’s sound, as well as a healthy dose of US atmospheric black metal and plenty of post-rock to be found throughout. What Was Left of Them is melodic and thoughtful in its composition; songs aren’t long just for the sake of length and melody is prioritized over ambience.

“What Was Left of Them is an album about change,” Deadyellow tell Decibel. “It’s about embracing darkness and finding the light within to persevere. ‘Birth from death, the light will find a way.'”

Deadyellow are slated to release What Was Left of Them on February 2, this Friday, but you can stream and pre-order the album now.