Track Premiere: Intercourse – “George Metesky”

“We named the EP after the best Guns N’ Roses album, Chinese Democracy. No, I’m not being facetious. ‘Shackler’s Revenge’ is Axl’s best moment. ‘Paradise City’ sucks and so does ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine.'”

We don’t usually attach track premieres to volcanically hot takes but frontman Tarek Ahmed, along with the rest of Intercourse, like to make things uncomfortable. Between their lyrical content, artwork and live shows, the Connecticut quartet relentlessly spew hazardous noisecore onto an unsuspecting populace.

The band is also not short on material, as less than a year after the absolutely exceptional Halo Castration Institute full-length, they’re dropping an EP, Egyptian Democracy.

“George Meteski” is the first track off the record — a brief, contorted metalcore/noise rock composite that sounds like Deadguy mixed with one of those Eastern European drugs that liquifies your skin. Here’s Ahmed on the inspiration:

George Metesky, “The Mad Bomber of New York,” set off 32 bombs in NYC in the 40’s and 50’s. This was done over a rejected worker’s compensation claim. I found this to be eerily relevant to what so many blue collar workers have experienced these past few years, particularly those who had to work through the pandemic for peanuts while everybody else sat at home learning to bake while collecting checks. Metesky was the first person caught with criminal profiling, you know that bullshit that Clarice does in Silence of the Lambs. The profile was so precise it predicted that he would be living unmarried in Connecticut with an older female relative. The strangest part was that it predicted what he would be wearing when apprehended, a double-breasted suit. My interest was roused again recently when I learned the house he lived at was literally right down the road from mine and I was like, “Damn that’s some cool shit to write a song about.”

The EP is side A of a 12-inch, with the band’s 2019 Bum Wine on Side B. It comes in three dazzling variants: Pipe Bomb Splatter, Clear with Juggalo Spit and Eye of the Mummy Orange Splatter.

Egyptian Democracy will be released via RedScroll Records on February 2nd. Listen to “George Meteski” below.