Full Album Stream: Kontact – ‘Full Contact’

Upon our first listen to Metal Blade’s Metal Massacre IV compilation in 1983, we were immediately entranced by an intense young quartet from British Columbia, Canada called Sacred Blade and their insanely wordy and speedy track, “The Alien.” And so, it seems, Sacred Blade’s fellow Canucks in Kontact felt the same many years later. Formed in Calgary, Alberta in 2021, these dudes are fronted by a bassist/vocalist who goes by the moniker of, you guessed it, The Alien.  And, yes, there’s a definite Sacred Blade influence in Kontact’s weird sci-fi influenced trad metal. Not a rip-off or anything, more like a light-hearted homage, though the quartet—The Alien (bass/vocals), Matt B1257+12Z (guitar), Morh Morf Xela (guitar)—ain’t exactly fooling around musically. Full Contact is serious enough in that regard, even if the lyrics and such on the band’s debut full-length may be a little over the top. 

Full Contact is set for release on vinyl, CD and digitally on January 19 via Dying Victims Productions. Place your preorder here or here.

Quote from the band:

Full Contact is a digital obituary for humanity. Delusions of grandeur dissolve into cosmic suffering, as reality and experience collapse into singularity. Just kidding, it’s a metal album. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. Come in peace.”