KILL SCREEN EXCLUSIVE: Over 30 Metal Musicians (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, FROZEN SOUL, TOMB MOLD, KHEMMIS and More) Share Their Favorite Games of (Mostly) 2023

By most accounts, 2023 was a banner year for the gaming industry. A number of landmark entries across various genres ensured that no one was lacking for something new to discover from gaming’s latest generation. Similarly, Decibel’s nerdiest column has done over two dozen interviews with metal musicians representing a wide spectrum of subgenres, with many of these bands claiming a spot on our totally infallible Top 40 Albums of the Year list. Though there’s been plenty of overlap in interest and some recurring topics—we’re looking at you, FromSoft—there is far from a consensus as to what titles are considered “the best.”

With such a spoil of polygonal riches released in the first calendar year of Kill Screen, we couldn’t help ourselves but to put together a list of our very own. The co-nerds that run this column, however, have no desire trying to flex that kind of gaming muscle on our own. Instead, we reached out to every single player character previously featured in our digital pages to see if they would be interested in providing their favorite games of 2023. A whopping 32 graciously accepted this sidequest, including members of The Black Dahlia Murder, Frozen Soul, Tomb Mold, Khemmis, The Red Chord, August Burns Red, Undeath, Escuela Grind, Horrendous and many, many more. What resulted was a collection that could certainly be described as “eclectic”: RPGs, survival horror, first-person shooters, cozy games, AAA games, micro-budget indie games, all have found a home in our exclusively exclusive feature. Hell, two different golf games ended up here. And by popular demand, this piece marks the first long-form Kill Screen video, clocking in at approximately an hour of brand new interviews and content. If you’re just interested in your favorite band’s opinion, time codes are available in the YouTube description—but maybe it wouldn’t hurt to see what other people chose as well. Who know, maybe you’ll find a fresh addition to your library. But if your personal pick isn’t included, at least you can’t blame us.


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