Video Premiere: Brodequin – “Of Pillars and Trees”

Photo by Jacob Smith

Brodequin are back with more absolute brutality with their latest track, “Of Pillars and Trees,” which you can stream below.

“Of Pillars and Trees” is classic Brodequin. New drummer Brennan Shackelford fits right in on the double bass attack, and the vocals are as raw and guttural as ever. If this is any indication of what their future music has in store, their next record is going to be just as heavy as everything they’ve done since 1998. 

The Knoxville, TN-based band are unveiling their new album, Harbringer of Woe, on March 22 via Season Of Mist. It’s their first record in 20 years, and it’s going to be technical and brutal as hell. 

Watch the medieval video for “Of Pillars and Trees,” which was created by Matti Watecy of From the North Films: 

Line up:
Jamie Bailey: Bass/Vocals
Mike Bailey: Guitar
Brennan Shackelford: Drums
Joaquin Chavez: (Live) Guitar

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