Scion A/V profiles Season Of Mist

It’s no secret, the audio/vision division of Scion, henceforth known as Scion A/V, has given some amazing opportunities to bands with limited means. Arsis, Revocation, Enslaved, Immolation, Meshuggah, and so on have all benefited from the niche-market, passion-fueled benefactors at Scion A/V. Whether it’s a CD or a 12″, a car used as tour support…

Top 5 Bands You Need To Hear: Dark Suns, Ghost Brigade, Kaamos, Alchemist, Hibria

5. Dark Suns – Grave Human Genuine 2008 (Sensory)Progressive metal bands don’t make sense. Especially the foreign ones. What the fuck does Grave Human Genuine mean anyway? German outfit Dark Suns paints, expertly on tracks like “Amphibian Halo” and “Free of You,” quite a vista. Similar in parts to Pain of Salvation’s The Perfect Element,…

NITE’s Top 5 Sci-fi Films

San Francisco-based blackened heavy metal outfit NITE list their Top 5 movies. New album, Voices of the Kronian Moon, out March 25th on Season of Mist.


The sludge-heavy stoner rock of Hark takes on myriad new dimensions throughout the Welsh quartet’s exapansive, high-octane sophomore full-length Machinations, out later this week via Season of MistDecibel recently interrogated guitarist/vocalist Jimbob Issac about the brutal and harrowing personal roots of the album’s thematic content, finding the unlikely inspirational sweet spot between Azeaila Banks, S.O.D., Unsane and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and the way playing large, prestigious festivals can expand a band’s sense of what is possible.

Saxon’s Live Albums Ranked From Worst to Best

Saxon have enjoyed a prolific career, with a multitude of live albums. Inspired by their upcoming vinyl box set, The Vinyl Hoard, Season of Mist’s Greg Karlowitsch ranks Saxon’s already released live albums from worst to best.

SPOILER: Here Are Decibel’s Top 40 Albums of 2022

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