Video Premiere: Lord Dying – ‘The Universe is Weeping’

Portland, OR outfit Lord Dying will release one of the year’s first great records next week, their fourth album, Clandestine Transcendence. Loaded to the gills with sharp, heavy riffs and a sense of melancholy, Clandestine Transcendence picks up where last album Mysterium Tremendum left off, both thematically and musically.

“The Universe if Weeping,” the video Decibel is premiering today, is the opening song on Clandestine Transcendence, an album that tells the story of an immortal being who has finally received his wish for death. The song starts slowly, letting clean guitars give way to lively riffs and melancholic lead guitar that imbues the track with a sense of emotional weight. Guitarist Erik Olson and bassist Alyssa Maucere both lend their voices to the song, using both screamed and sung vocals. At the song’s end, everything else fades out, leaving just Maucere’s vocals; in the context of the full record, it’s an exciting transition to the second track. In the context of this track premiere, it’s still a pretty neat way to end the song.

“We are very psyched to premiere the opening track and video for ‘The Universe Is Weeping’ off our upcoming album,” Olson tells Decibel. “This song picks up directly where our previous album leaves off. Post death. Blazing beyond the cosmos and outside the realms of consciousness. Total dissolution of the self. Into Clandestine Transcendence.”

In addition to playing on the Clandestine Transcendence, Maucere also directed the video for “The Universe is Weeping.”

“When asked to direct the video for ‘The Universe Is Weeping,’” the bassist reflects, “I couldn’t help but tackle the concept of the Cosmic Calendar. For instance, the Universe’s birthdate is January 1st. Life on earth = Sept 30th. Human history is Dec 31st at 23:59:57. We consume everything in our path as our sources of energy, some of which have been on earth for over 600 million years. If the past can tell us anything about life, a new life form could come along one day that decides that they can house us, raise us, and overfeed us to become their most preferred source of energy. Or we could just destroy each other before that day may come, which seems more likely to me.”

Clandestine Transcendence is out on January 19 via MNRK Heavy.