Album Premiere: Give Me the Grave – “Mind in Decay”

Give Me the Grave cover

The first time I met Bryce Seditz was in Decibel Magazine‘s hometown of Philly. Touring with his band Plaguewielder, he brought foam-mouthed fury to the mic playing a show headlined by local vampire punks Cave Ov Bats. Today I share the relentless new album from Give Me the Grave, a new project from Seditz, guitarist/bassist Cory Waugh, and drummer Chris Vogagis. Listen to the debut EP Mind in Decay a few days early below.

Give Me the Grave is a tough beast to succinctly describe. Somewhere between downbeat deathcore and blackened industrial sludge, Mind in Decay is grimy and dark and heavy as fuck. “Necrotic” is equal parts groove metal and Godflesh. The cover art from Matt Tluchowski captures the debut’s dirty neon-lit charm. “Implode” reveals an unexpected ear for melody, even after exploding with the scream “this is a fucking graveyard.” The epic opening of “Sarcophagus” casts shadows across the back half of the EP. There are some devastating mosh parts, including some cymbal chimes designed to downright decimate the pit. Closer “Misanthropissed” is a brutal battering ram that slams the coffin shut with the finality of a funeral bell.

Mind in Decay materialized amidst a tumultuous phase in my life,” Waugh shares. “Composing this album and delving back into the realm of music served as a cathartic channel to navigate the agony and cognitive stagnation that had ensnared me. Reuniting with two of my long lost friends led to the unintentional birth of Give Me The Grave.”

Press play below and smash the sarcophagus with Give Me the Grave.

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