Track Premiere: Karnak Seti – “I Breathe the End’

We love metal from unexpected places. Melodic thrash/death quartet Karnak Seti hail from Madeira Island, which unless you’re an avid oeniphile, probably means nothing to you. Madeira is “an autonomous region of Portugal,” but it’s actually located off the west coast of Africa. Its prime export is a type of fortified wine called Madeira, which has been intentionally oxidized and sort of “cooked” to give it a unique character. If there isn’t a metal-inspired Madeira currently out there, maybe Karnak Seti can strike up a partnership.

The track we’re featuring from the quartet—António Jesus (guitars), Cláudio Aguiar (bass), Luís Erre (vocals), Luís Freitas (drums)— is “I Breathe the End,” a brooding, progressive rumbler from KS’s upcoming four-track EP, Restos. These vets have been together since 2001 and have three previous full-lengths and an earlier EP to their name. Restos is set to be self-released digitally on January 12. Place your preorder here.

The band had this to say about its latest track:

Restos is another chapter in our twenty-year journey capturing our perseverance, entity and musical evolution. In retrospect, this work marks the reunion with Luís Erre on vocals after he fought some battles and overcame some challenges, which inspired the lyrical content of this EP. The first song we released from this EP was ‘Restos,’ but this journey really started with the song we are releasing today, ‘I Breathe the End.’ It’s a striking theme, in which we explore new musical landscapes without losing our vision and essence.”