Five For Friday: October 27, 2023

Greetings, Decibel readers!

Peak spooky season has arrived! If you’re looking for a solidly creepy and cheesy horror flick, I highly suggest 1988’s Night of the Demons. It has Bauhaus on the soundtrack! It has Lennea Quigley in the cast! It has really good costume and make-up design! Trust me, you’ll be jealous you weren’t invited to the party, just like the one at the end of Ms. 45. Well, maybe don’t stay till the end … like in Ms. 45. Anyway! If that doesn’t entice you enough, you should check out Brain Damage, a movie with a villain so twisted, even Belial from Basket Case makes a cameo and is like “Nah … let’s get out of here.”

Also, here are five new metal albums. Happy Halloween!

Autopsy – Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts

There’s busy, and then there’s Chris Reifert busy. You think you’re booked solid? Chris is on that death-metal grindset with a 2023 packed with new releases from Siege of PowerStatic Abyss, and now his main act: Autopsy. And this is after delivering last year’s excellent Morbidity Triumphant. Your perfect companion to whatever slasher flick you’ve got going tonight!

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Berzerker Legion – Chaos Will Reign

Speaking of slashing, here’s some razor sharp warrior metal right here. Definitely on the muscular, well-produced side of the death metal spectrum. Highly recommended for fans of Kataklysm and newer Hypocrisy.

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Gravesend – Gowanus Death Stomp

The perfect sonic summation of New York City’s violent decades. To be sure, there’s always an element of violence in America’s largest city, but the 1970s to the early-1990s were on another level. And Gravesend‘s grinding death march is on a level all its own as well. Absolutely harsh and demoralizing, Gowanus Death Stomp is a gloriously grim listening experience.

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Mouth For War – Bleed Yourself

If you have a name like that, you’d better have music that lives up to it. Mouth of War certainly gives it a fair shot with a vulgar display of metalcore power on Bleed Yourself (the puns will stop here, I promise). A mosh pit inside your head. Try not to break too many brain cells while listening.

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Sepulchral Curse – Abhorrent Dimensions

You can’t help but love those gutturals. How do you even get your voice to go that low? Anyway, this is basically like Runemagick if they had a slight black metal side to their sound. Hard to argue against that!

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