Full Abum Stream: Violent Life Violent Death – “Break.Burn.End.”

It’s Monday morning and you hate everything, right? Match the music to your mood with Break.Burn.End., the new album from Charlotte-based metallic hardcore bruisers Violent Life Violent Death. Decibel has covered the band numerous times before and I’m happy to report that they haven’t changed the formula all that much.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Hatebreed, Zao, Ringworm and a less-technical Every Time I Die, Violent Life Violent Death write concise songs that focus on getting you to the next riff or breakdown; very little time is spent on atmospheric or introductions but the time that is (“Break.Burn.End”) adds a palpable sense of anger and frustration. Speaking of frustration, this is what Violent Life Violent Death told Decibel about the message behind Break.Burn.End.

“The album title, lyrics, and music all go hand in hand. We all reach that breaking point where you want to burn the whole thing down and watch it come to an end. In the midst of all the turmoil—physical and mental—we find glimpses of grace and beauty. Sometimes however the breaking, burning and ending are the beauty and the grace. It feels wonderful and terrifying what carnage we can inflict and create when hope dwindles and the madness of solitude allows our primal selfishness to be acted upon.”

Violent Life Violent Death will officially release the album on September 15 via Innerstrength Records but you can stream it below.