Full Album Stream: Flesher – “Tales of Grotesque Demise”

Indianapolis, Indiana’s Flesher, the power trio consisting of Paul Breece, Gus Matracia, and Dustin Boltjes, serve up hearty helpings of gore-drenched brutality on their latest sinister offering Tales of Grotesque Demise. 

Featuring past and present members of Skeletonwitch, Demiricous, Chrome Waves, and Sacred Leather, Flesher was forged in the summer of 2022 releasing their acclaimed Murder Sessions demo. Drawing inspiration from the past, tipping their bloody hats to the golden age of horror and metal, Decibel proudly premieres their newest guttural explosion of viscera in full!

“This album is inspired by and pays homage to our favorite thing growing up… horror and metal,” the band shared in a statement to Decibel.

“Each song is a representation of a story or theme from our favorite ’80s and ’90s horror movies. Musically, this album came very naturally to us pulling inspiration from all of our childhood favorites. We really wanted to focus on big, heavy riffs, and monstrous rhythms. ”

Earlier this year, Flesher signed with Redefining Darkness Records, collaborating with Dan Swanö on mastering, the legendary Ed Repka providing the cover art and featuring guest vocals from Devin Swank of Sanguisugabogg.

If you like your metal chewed, spewed, and utterly macabre, Flesher is your cocktail. Order Tales of Grotesque Demise here!