Five For Friday: August 25, 2023

Greetings, Decibel readers!

Not only is it Friday, it’s also new-Incantation-album day! Speaking of Incantation, have you picked up Decibel #228 yet? It has the band on the cover and goes into detail about the band’s history and the making of Unholy Deification.

All of that and more to be found below.

Blut Aus Nord – Disharmonium – Nahab

I normally don’t go for “dissonant” black metal, but this iteration of Blut Aus Nord is the ultimate exception. The band manages to make this disturbing and complicated sound come across as engaging and almost cinematic. The music on this album is particularly grandiose, like the entrance of a eldritch horror onto it’s throne of darkness.

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Exmortus – Necrophony

From our review of Necrophony in Decibel #228:

Now that they’ve partnered with Nuclear Blast for another soft reboot—their latest, Necrophony, commits to a fully neoclassical guitar style, complete with overtures, recurring motifs, and conservatory shredding that’s equal parts Manowar‘s “Sting of the Bumblebee,” and Necrophagist‘s “Only Ash Remains.”

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Graveripper – Seasons Dreaming Death

Crushing, well-produced thrashy death metal from Indianapolis. Graveripper pulls all the stops here, spending extra energy to put multiple catchy and memorable moments into every song. The band is particularly well-versed in the guitar-and-drum breakdowns that signal it’s time to mosh! But with their death-and-black metal aesthetics in tow, the moshing all takes place in a haunted graveyard.

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Incantation – Unholy Deification

Their best album since Diabolical Conquest, easily (Dirges of Elysium comes close). Incantation arrives with a renewed sense of focus and songwriting craft on this album, organized by the concept of man-into-deity occultism. The riffs, pinch harmonics, blasts and growls all come together perfectly on Unholy Deification, giving the listener a seance of black magic to celebrate on every song. A true artistic triumph from one of death metal’s best and darkest.

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Orphalis – As the Ashes Settle

Is this technical brutal death metal? Or is it brutal technical death metal? A question for the philosophers. Whatever it is, it absolutely rips.

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