Witness Chamber Release Metallic Hardcore EP, True Delusion

This year has seen a lot of releases that push the boundaries of hardcore forward (Zulu) or celebrate the elements that make the genre rule (Buggin) but it’s lacked a standout, straight-up metallic hardcore release. Enter Witness Chamber, a quartet hailing from Boise, Idaho. Starting off in 2021 with an EP called Paradise Awaits, they recently followed it up with their Daze Records debut, True Delusion.

True Delusion is pretty cut and dry, which allows Witness Chamber to stick to their strengths. Only one song is longer than three minutes and there are two guest appearances from Maximus Hall (Ego Death) and Jess Nyx (Mortality Rate, World of Pleasure). Upon pressing play, you’re greeted with 11 seconds of silence before a solitary guitar riff kicks in. By the time the drums hit, it’s not hard to imagine getting your teeth spinkicked out of your mouth at This is Hardcore. The opener, “Bear Witness,” is one of the best songs on the EP, mixing in ominous melody among the fight riffs and breakdown. Fourth track, “By the Finger of God,” is the highlight of the album; it features Daze labelmate Nyx, whose recognizable scream adds a new layer of intensity.

True Delusion is bound to be a hit with hardcore fans. Check it out via Bandcamp below.