Five For Friday: July 28, 2023

Greetings, Decibel readers!

Interesting, all of this chat going around lately about nu-metal making a comeback. I remain skeptical for a number of reasons, not the least that people already went around saying this in 2014 when Issues came around, and then no revival happened. Sure, some people erroneously put the label on Code Orange, Vein and Jesus Piece, but most of the writers who did so probably feel silly now. If anything, the narrative is an attempt by some people to recapture a feeling of coherence around the world of heavy music — one that is more fragmented, segmented and incoherent than ever before. It’s been this way for about 10 years now, actually. And in some way, it’s kind of uncomfortable in to have endless options with little to connect us to each other.

I have a lot to say about this.

But for now. Here are five really good new releases.

Ashtar – Wandering Through Time

Grand, ominous black metal. The vocals on this one are absolutely ferocious, a harsh rattle that grips the listener and keeps them locked into the rest of the music. There’s a healthy dose of doom to go along with the grimness as well, giving this record an appeal to several audiences.

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Astralborne – Across the Aeons

Picture a melodic death metal band, but give them 1970s hard rock hooks and you’ll be close to the vibe captured on this album. It rips, it rocks, it’s really good!

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Atonement – Sadistic Invaders

As I continue my journey through doing these new-release articles and my Label Spotlight series, it’s occurred to me that Dying Victims deserves some special love and attention. This new album from Atonement is yet another affirmation of the quality put out by this label. This is proper wicket thrash metal. Good, dirty, fun, with lots of evil added!

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The Glorious Dead – Cemetery Paths

Hell yea! Glad these death metal warriors are still going strong. Into Lifeless Shrines was a cool album, but every piece of the band’s stylistic puzzle comes together so much better here. If you’re really into Bolt Thrower, RunemagickKarelian-era Amorphis, and Domination-era Morbid Angel, all hail this glorious band.

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Thra – Forged in Chaotic Spew

Kind of in a similar vein as The Glorious Dead, but take the assault vehicle and run it directly into the mud and sludge. This is Thra‘s debut album, presaging a reign of dark, fist-pounding terror and punishment for all.

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