Track Premiere: Dissonant Seepage – “Caffeine Eyeball Injection”

Rochester New York’s slamming death metal practitioners Dissonant Seepage return from the muck and bile to unearth their pulverizing debut album The Darkness Will Swallow You Whole.

Featuring Cody McConnell (vocals, bass), Daniel Fili (guitars) and Anthony Ferro (drums), former members of Goemagot and Contrarian, the trio’s highly anticipated debut album drops on July 25th, 2023 through Inherited Suffering Records, with Decibel proudly premiering their latest vicious offering, “Caffeine Eyeball Injection.”

“‘Caffeine Eyeball Injection’ is a haunting portrayal of caffeine addiction, with the music video depicting a captive being subjected to testing and ultimately driven to madness and becoming something otherworldly,” the band shared in a statement.

The video was created by Chariot Media Productions in the basement of Auburn Public Theater in Auburn, NY.

The band adds of their long-awaited debut album: “The Darkness Will Swallow You Whole delves into the darkest recesses of the human psyche, exploring themes of suffering, despair, and the macabre, as it takes listeners on a relentless onslaught of guttural brutality.”

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