Track Premiere: Blight House – ‘Too Ugly to Live, Too Dumb to Die’

Raise your hand if you feel attacked by the song title. No one? Just me?

It’s about to get weird in the bloody cellar that deathgrind duo Blight House are based out of. The demented outfit are preparing to release their latest LP, Blight the Way, on August 4 and Decibel is in on the action with a premiere of new offering “Too Ugly to Live, Too Dumb to Die.” Whereas the album’s first single, “Cryptid Cutie,” was pretty straightforward deathgrind, “Too Ugly to Live” feels like it was given an injection of noise rock and then forced through a nightmarishly-psychedelic filter.

The track features guest contributions from guitarist Ron Varod, best known for his work with Sabbath Assembly, and seemingly-anonymous vocalist Glumi UwUhammer.

“Sometimes, the simple fact of human existence in this world is so absurd, so awful, and so shameful, it feels impossible to process,” Blight House tell Decibel via email. “‘Too Ugly to Live, Too Dumb to Die’ expresses this nihilistic affect while featuring new textural explorations. Thanks to guest collaborators Ron Varod and Glumi UwUhammer, providing proggy breaks and a kawaii chorus, this is our wildest departure from deathgrind to date.”

If you’re feeling it, you can pre-order Blight the Way via Bandcamp.