Album Premiere: Auralayer – ‘Thousand Petals’

Formed in the cursed year of 2020, South Carolina power trio Auralayer quickly released a demo (Solar Plexus) a year later. That initial offering introduced a band combining guitar fuzz and infectious hooks across three songs. Those tracks now anchor the first half of the band’s debut record, Thousand Petals. Auralayer blend doom and guitar-forward pop sensibilities, capturing the decade from ’95 to 2005 when a generation of sing-along sludge blossomed from grunge’s demise. Today Decibel shares Thousand Petals a few days early. Press play below and listen to the full bouquet before King Volume Records launches this bad boy on Friday, July 14.

After three cymbal strikes, “The Lake” is a romp of Red Fanged proportions propelled by Thomas Powell’s guitars. Of the three songs from the demo, “Christ Antler” is a personal favorite with its spliff-smokin’ bass line from vocalist/bassist Jake Williams. The record is packed with memorable vocal hooks, sneered by Williams with a nug of sweetness. “Shelf Black” is a downcast but delicious blend of more restrained tones. That track dissipates into the ganja fog of “Dance to Thrash” before the song launches into a “Honey Bucket” pummel. Album closer “Monstrum” stitches all those influences together in a six-minute rock ‘n’ rampage finale. The album’s psychedelic textures were exuberantly captured by Philip Cope (Kylesa), who engineered, mixed, and mastered the record.

Thousand Petals unapologetically embodies who we are as musicians and we’re beyond excited to finally have it out in the world,” Auralayer says in a statement. “[This album is] something we’ve poured so much energy and countless hours into, getting in the hands of people who have loved and supported us the whole way thus far. It’s a huge milestone for any band to put a first record out and we can’t thank everyone involved enough.”

Summon thousands of petals from the cracked sky and jam with Auralayer below.

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