Video Premiere: Medicine Horse – “Turning Tide”

Medicine Horse
Photo courtesy of Medicine Horse

If you’re a fan of sludgy, dirty, groovy metal in the vein of Weedeater and supporting indigenous metal, you won’t want to sleep on Medicine Horse. They’re premiering the debut track from their self-titled album, “Turning Tide,” with us today.

Vocalist Nico Williams says about the song: “‘Turning Tide’ is the first song we wrote for what became Medicine Horse, and it set the tone for everything to come. Haunting melodies, heavy riffs, tension that builds and erupts. The lyrics in ‘Turning Tide’ reflect a lot of recurring themes on this album: the lingering effects of colonization and the enduring power of Indigenous resistance.”

Williams hails from Tulsa and is a proud member of Cherokee Nation, and uses her music and her platform to call awareness to Indigenous struggles. And she does so, from what we’ve heard so far, with the help of some of the grooviest riffs on the planet. We’re excited to hear more when the full-length drops on September 8 via Horton Records.

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