Blast Worship: She

Where they from?
Anchorage, Alaska. I regret to inform you that I am a fan of the New York Mets (LOL–ed) and, good lord, have they sucked just complete ass so far this season. Yesterday they blew a four-run lead against the Phillies by hitting two batters (also walking three, but who’s counting–ed? and a Matt Batty fielding error. There is something comforting about the Mets being bad though, it just feels like the natural order of the universe, but still, embarrassing.

Why the hype?
She isn’t really too much of a grind band — but when they do blast, look out — but how many chances do you get to write about from freakin ALASKA! She sound like a healthy mix of older Harms Way and Trap Them and their latest album was recorded by the almighty Taylor Young, which gives them plenty of hardcore street cred. For what it’s worth, they are one of the very few North American bands who I feel have used the HM-2 pedal rather well, and by that I mean it doesn’t sound like a swarm of bees attacking an am radio.

Latest Release?
Goodpaster, self-released. This album carries a variety of experimental passages that lift it beyond your typical modern hardcore album but perhaps my favorite is the absolute nu-metal banger that is “New Ceilings.” I listened to it exactly one time and magically grew dreads and my pants were sagging well below my knees. Unbelievable. Max Cavalera would be proud.