Track Premieres: The Mound Builders and Lucifist tag-team split EP “A Mound of Fists”

Mound of Fists album art

Back in April, two of the hardest party bands in Indiana tag-teamed a split EP available exclusively on cassette. The Mound Builders play an infectious blend of sludge and hardcore punk with big energy and even bigger riffs. We discussed their ten year anniversary a few years ago, so our excitement about this split is no surprise. Lucifist call themselves “Thrash from the Mean Streets of Lafayette.” They crawl from the same party punch bowl of influences as Municipal Waste. They’re all about maximum speed, fun, and debauchery. Don’t let the Saint Anger echoes of the album art worry you. As a Double Dragon styled back-to-back bruiser of an split, A Mound of Fists celebrates heavy metal with punk’s scrappy DIY ethos. Tied together with a concept based on ’70s martial arts movies, it’s an eight-track round-house kick to your skull.

Listen to a track from each side of A Mound of Fists below, then scower the planet trying to snag your personal cassette copy.

The Mound Builders close Side A with a killer cover of the Butthole Surfers classic “Who Was in my Room Last Night?” Recorded in a basement during the pandemic, guitarist Brian Boszor highlights the track’s riffy hook. Meanwhile, frontman Jim Voelz conjures pre-solo career Rob Zombie with a grimy performance. It’s a great, rollicking offering with a helluva guitar tone.

Lucifist recorded these tracks after releasing their ­Goat Slaying Devil Party Music Vol.666 album in 2020. “Get Fucked Up!” closes Side B of A Mound of Fists with an exuberant invitation to drink aggressively and excessively. The band earns the exclamation point in the title with their profanely enthusiastic party thrash. It’s a call to action, so pound the nearest warm can of swill and get your night pumping.

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