Video Premiere: Stinking Lizaveta – “Electric Future”

photo: Jon Singletary

Philly philthies Stinking Lizaveta are the classic underdog story. After nearly 30 years as part of the underground extreme music scene, the instrumental trio remains a singular figure, largely to due to a unique sound often characterized as “doom jazz.” If you’ve been sleeping on them since 1996, now’s time to wake the fuck up because the band will drop their first album in six years, Anthems and Phantoms, via SRA records on June 23. But thanks to your good Philly-minded fiends at Decibel, we’ve got a video for new song “Electric Future” primed for both your eyes sockets and ear holes.

“Cheshire [Agusta, drums] and I had worked that day doing drywall in a house,” says guitarist/founder Yanni Papadopoulos, “and we came directly from there to the recording session. Her nickname for the day was ‘Mud Woman’!”

Watch the video, which features audio and video completely captured from a live performance, below.

Pre-order Anthems and Phantoms from SRA Records here.