Blast Worship: Shitstorm

Where they from?
Miami, Florida. My parents moved to Orlando last year and, man, what a shithole! I mean the weather is great but unless you are one of those creepy Disney Adult fuckheads, there ain’t shit to do! Well, I did go mini-golfing with alligators, so there’s that I guess, but still, everything else just felt like a giant Applebees (I’m an Olive Garden type of guy).

Why the hype?
This band just mysteriously reappears every few years or so, drops the absolute hottest fire and then disappears back into the swamps of Florida, biding it’s time until they slither out from the swamps to devastate your ear drums again. That and some of the members are in Torche, so I guess they get real busy with that. Either way, Shitstorm rips in a way that few grind bands do, utterly relentless and pissed off all while still managing to maintain a level of artistic uniqueness.

Latest release?
Only In Dade self-released. This record perfectly sums up Dade county in that it is a hurricane fueled by disgust and self-abuse. It is just a noisy colostomy bag of punk and metal raining down upon the listener for nine of the most terrifying minutes of their entire lives. Absolute barn-burner status.