EP Premiere: Experiencing Repulsion with Phantom Lung’s Abhorrent Entity

I originally discovered Toronto’s Phantom Lung and their roughhousing take on death ’n’ thrash metal infused grindcore via an appearance in a past Throw Me a Frickin’ Bone column. For this particular appearance in what I think is considered one of Decibel’s “socials,” the band was supposed to record and provide a pair of new tracks originally designed and expressly prepared for exclusive airing in this very spot. But because solar flares, broken guitar strings and grindcore not paying the bills are still things, that plan went the way of the playoff hopes of their city’s oft-celebrated loveable losers, the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

We still think Phantom Lung is a band you should lend an ear to. So, in lieu of new material you’re not going to hear, we present the band’s Abhorrent Entity EP, a quintet of songs you likely haven’t heard either, despite being released back in March. When asked about the band’s latest release, they offer the following: “Phantom Lung unapologetically delivers overwhelmingly heavy and sonic torment right off the jump beginning with the opening notes of their brand new EP, Abhorrent Entity. Nobody asks you to take a seat and listen. You get tied to a chair and proceed to be audibly assaulted for ten ruthlessly violent minutes. The drums get to work immediately and do not give you a second to catch your breath. Riffs that will make you bang your head one second and groove the next [are] drowned by Scandinavian-inspired HM-2 guitar tones capable of giving you Stockholm Syndrome because you don’t want to escape it. Phantom Lung manages to take the most attractive and brutal aspects of numerous sub genres of metal, golden age grindcore and hardcore and blend it all together to make something that is uniquely their own.”

Here’s your chance to check it out and be the judge.


Track listing:

1. The Idle Mind is the Devils Playground

2. Heel

3. Mea Culpa

4. Leave No Doubt

5. Ennui

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