Track Premiere: Pylar – “Límite”

Photo courtesy of Pylar

Today, we bring you the latest from Pylar, their new single Límite.” The song is from the new album Límyte—small distinction in name, but they both carry the same haunting, bleak imagery.

Of the track, the band say: “This track, ‘Límite,’ is a perfect example of how extra musical influences have a crucial weight in Pylar when it comes to writing music. The music here follows the insane impulse of Lovecraft’s literary style making atmosphere overriding other rhythmic or melodic elements. Just as Lovecraft immersed the main characters of his stories in atmospheric and psychedelic paragraphs where there is no action, Pylar here promotes the use of textures as a primary symbol over the epic construction of the track through spiral guitar melodies, voices coming from the core of the dream of unknown cultures, and violins that intone forgotten scales. The guitar riffs here are transmuted into chords and melodic lines that stemmed from Sunn O)))’s ideas on “White 1.” The pulse mutates with drums and bass that adapt to the ever-changing atmosphere, inspired by Paul McCartney’s interpretation of “Dear Prudence” and hidden rhythmic experiments in the Deathspell Omega discography based on the forgotten art of variation.

“The Deathspell Omega and Blut aus Nord arpeggios were an important source of influence for the central part of the theme, with a marked dreamlike character (as Elvin Jones was for the percussion) where we tried to make time disappear or curve, as it happens in the central part of The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolaño, or in the final stretch of Orbitor 1 by Mircea Cartarescu. To this contributes the hyperstitional intervention of CG Santos (Teitanblood) who collaborates on the album, invoking a circularity that is irrevocably born from the use of the hurdy-gurdy and modular synthesis.

“The return to the original pulse in the last third of the song plunges the band into an exhausting psychosis that corners us like an animal that feels the force of destiny for the first time. Pylar sets out to develop a speculative metal, putting into practice a sacrilegious synthesis of elements and influences to push metal to its limit and thus peer into the abyss and contemplate what lies beyond.”

The avante-garde Spanish drone/doom/psychedelic weirdness group drop their new record, Límyte, on June 23 via Cavsas/Cyclic Law. Preorder the album here or here.