Video Premiere: Nerver – “The Nerve”

The perfect video to accompany Nerver‘s noisy, battering track (which invokes Drive Like Jehu’s wiry tension and Unsane’s rumbling aggression) would definitely be something like an homage to The Blair Witch Project as viewed through an old analog TV, with plenty of cemetery scenes thrown in for good measure. This jittery pounder, suitably titled “The Nerve,” is paired with an onslaught of fast edits and creepy visuals that perfectly complement the audio terror. The track is drawn from Kansas City quartet Nerver’s recent Brothers in Christ split EP with Chat Pile.

The video stars Brooks Porter, Savannah Locke and Donovan Ford, while Will Mecca, who also created Chat Pile’s latest video, for their song “Cut,” acted as director/cinematographer/editor. Vinyl copies of the the EP are available through Reptilian Records and The Ghost is Clear Records. Grab it here or here.

Here’s what the band had to say about its new video:

“Stin [from Chat Pile] told us about the ‘Cut’ video that Will Mecca did. With that, and all the live footage Will takes, we chose just to let him do his thing. It turned out spastic and evil, and a pretty good counterpart to the ‘Cut’ video. Two sides of the same coin, and the same record even.”