Track Premiere: Suffocate Faster – “Lost Ones”

Suffocate Faster
Photo courtesy of Suffocate Faster

Check out the latest track from hardcore band Suffocate Faster, “Lost Ones,” from one of two EPs slated to release this year via Smartpunk Records.

About the song, the band say: “There are so many so-called criminals out there in society that have made mistakes in their young lives or even fallen on hard times at any age. Once they have been branded with a criminal record, especially a felony, our system and people continue to make it as dif icult as possible for them to get work or come up in the world. No one is perfect. It only takes a ‘normal’ person getting upset or being pushed too far and they end up in the system just as easily. Give everyone the same chances and you’ll see a big change in our world.” 

Musical activism and baring who they are in their lyrics are common threads on their upcoming EP, as the band tackle heavy themes of how society treats criminals with a ripping, blasting, track. 

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