Video Premiere: Daisy Chain – “Roll the Dice”

Photo by Jayson Palacio

If you’re a high-octane punk rock band looking to make a video, what better locale to shoot than an auto body shop. That’s what SoCal quintet Daisy Chain (featuring members of Graf Orlock, Sweat and Mossbreaker) opted for when shooting “Roll the Dice” from their recently released debut on Vitriol, The World is Not Spinning. In fact, the video we’re premiering isn’t just a lip-sync job, the session at at Mountune, a motorsports company in Carson, California, was actually recorded live by Gabe Van Benschoten (who also co-produced The World is not Spinning).

“Roll the Dice” is a gritty stomper—part Black Flag, part old-school TAD—which befits the blue-collar garage setting. No fancy effects used by director Christian Wolford, just the band—Jarred Tibbits (drums), Kevin Lessley (bass), Kyle Barnes (vocals), Dandee Ronruen (guitar), Justin Smith (guitar)—grinding it out. To grab a copy of the album the track comes from (and hear the studio version), you can order it here.

This is what vocalist Kyle Barnes had to say about the track:

“This song is really about the potential for regret in every relationship and decision we make. Ultimately, you are going to change and think about things differently at different times in your life, but the mechanism of regret is something that really punishes you if you let it. The concept of acting to please another person or clique, coupled with this concept just multiplies the effect in your life and mind. This track addresses the ability to release yourself from that self-imposed prison of memory and grief and the little decisions that allow one to recommit themselves to other goals, aims and people.”