Video Premiere: Persekutor – ‘Night Job’

Photo: Carmen Monoxide

When Euronymous said “No mosh, no core, no trends, no fun,” he’d clearly never gone on a coke-fueled adventure with Romanian black metal luminary Vlad the Inhaler, the masked frontman of Los Angeles-based black ‘n’ rollers Persekutor. Like many of the frosty band’s best tracks, “Night Job” is a mid-paced tune that puts the emphasis on guitarists Inverted Chris and Blake Meahl, whose riffs provide a backdrop for Vlad the Inhaler’s tale of a heist gone mostly right.

“Some peoples is enjoying the ‘Night Job’ video like it is heist movie, but much shorter and with killer song,” Vlad the Inhaler tells Decibel. “Other peoples is thinking maybe is more like documentary: Day in life of PERSEKUTOR—also with killer song. Either interpretations is correct.”

The accompanying video is worth five minutes and 17 seconds of your attention, so move your eyeballs to the Youtube video embedded below. You can find more from Persekutor on their new album Snow Business, set for a June 23 release on Blues Funeral.