Blast Wordship: Rotten Sound

Where they from?
Finland. Normally here is the space where I talk about whatever bullshit is going on in the sports world but, holy shit, they arrested Trump! Well, not really arrested ‘per se,’ but they indicted his ass! And as soon as I find out what that means, I’m gonna celebrate the shit out of it!

Why the hype?
If you are at the point in your grindcore journey where you are unaware of this band, you probably should do some work on your death metal/grind fundamentals and read Choosing Death, or at the very least, read the wikipedia entry on grindcore until you are muttering passages from it in your sleep.

Rotten Sound have been one of grindcore’s standard-bearers since at least the early 2000’s and their influence on American grind bands is so intense, it’s practically unquantifiable. One way of looking at it is that Nasum is the father, Rotten Sound is the son and Nails is the holy spirit (Todd Jones, please answer my e-mail from 2018!).

Latest Release?
Apocalypse on Season of Mist. It would be a stretch to pretend like this album adds anything new to their canyon, but as usual, it’s done exceptionally well. The blasts are harsh and bleak, the breakdowns make me want to throw tables and the D-beats are like musical Cialis. This band will always be better than any band that tries to sound like them because the fact is you just can’t deny how pissed off it all feels. Now, let’s go down to the courthouse and throw some tomatoes at that orange pig fucker.