Album Premiere: Horrible Earth – ‘Weakened By Civilization’

Horrible Earth

Be ready for a smack in the face by way of the powerviolence/grindcore attack that is Horrible Earth on their new record, Weakened By Civilization, out February 17 via Horror Pain Gore Death. We have not only a full album stream of the record, but also an interview about their new release.

What was the writing and recording process like for this album?

The writing is definitely a collaborative effort, bouncing riffs and ideas off each other for months and finally fine tuning everything and lots of laughs at each other’s expense! We’ve been very fortunate when it comes to recording all of our present and past material because of New Alliance Audio; they make the recording process easy. It feels like home when we’re in there.

What are some of the major lyrical themes? 

We are aren’t re-inventing the wheel when it comes to major lyrical themes—the inequality that exists in this world, environmental destruction caused by overpopulation, human rights violations, social media and news distorting facts, cultism and assassinations, the illusion of choice, but all the lyrics are written in a way that it’s really subject to the listeners interpretation.

You hail from a part of the world where both the hardcore and death metal scenes are awesome—What do you love about your local scene, and what support have you received? 

We love that some of the greatest and influential bands of grindcore and hardcore hail from the Boston area (Siege, Slapshot, Disrupt, Out Cold ). In the past, we’ve received great support from the scene, and hopefully the same with this new album.

Do you have any touring or support plans for the album that you can share? 

Horrible Earth has plans on hitting the road this year and next year! Everyone, reach out! There are also a few local radio stations and stations abroad that will give proper attention to promote the new album.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

Horrible Earth is dedicated to writing grindcore, and we are now  going on 10 years. We strive to stay true to the genre; each member of the band has different musical tastes and backgrounds that help shape our style. We appreciate all the support from fans, friends, and bands, and hope everyone enjoys Weakened by Civilization. We put a lot of work into this album, so listen to it loud, and take a deep dive into some Boston grindcore.

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