VENOMOUS CONCEPT Release “Fractured” Video, Pre-Orders For ‘The Good Ship Lollipop’ Available

Venomous Concept, the hardcore punk brainchild of Shane Embury (Napalm Death/Brujeria/et al) and Kevin Sharp (Lock Up, ex-Brutal Truth), are barreling towards the February 24 release of their upcoming album, The Good Ship Lollipop. Today they take their biggest step yet, with the release of the album’s third video, “Fractured,” which features Embury on lead vocals, and holds a special place in the songwriter’s heart.

“I was sitting outside the recording studio in Cambridge on a summer’s day thinking about this song, lyrically and vocally,” says Embury. “We were a few months into the pandemic and Kevin had gotten into the U.K. to record his vocals for the Venomous Concept album, which was a relief! I sat there wondering what was happening in our world. Fiction seemed to have merged with reality where we all experienced so much stress, so much anxiety. I am not special—the pandemic affected us all in ways we don’t yet realize.

“Music was always my comfort, but during this time my family needed me to be strong and I really wasn’t. I was breaking apart and trying to figure out how to put myself back together, and hopefully leave some of the bad bits behind.

“Memories came—my childhood, my parents, my family, my children, my friends. Then the words to ‘Fractured’ came… I am still piecing myself back together, trying to be just good enough.”

The arresting clip was created and directed by Andy Lefton and can viewed below.

“Fractured” will be available on all major streaming services this Friday, February 3. The Good Ship Lollipop, the group’s fifth full-length will receive an exclusive North American vinyl and cassette release through Decibel Records on February 24, and is available for pre-order now!

1. The Good Ship Lollipop
2. Timeline
3. Slack Jaw
4. Pig
5. Clinical
6. Fractured
7. Voices
8. So Sick
9. Flowers Bloom
10. The Humble Crow
11. Can’t Lose
12. Everything is Endlessness
13. Life’s Winter