Video Premiere: Damien Done – “Pray For Me”

Photo by Nathaniel Shannon

Let’s just say that in the last thirty years that vocalist Damien Moyal has been active in the the extreme music scene, he’s been pretty prolific. And not necessarily predictably so. Before we consider what he’s currently up to, a brief survey of his past work/discography shows stints in a host of hardcore/metallic hardcore/metalcore bands, including Morning Again, Shai Hulud, Culture, As Friends Rust, On Bodies and a whole bunch of other short-lived projects. More recently, Moyal has put his energies into Damien Done, a post-punk/goth outfit he’s dabbled in since the early ’00s.

We’re premiering the latest video, “Pray For Me,” from Damien Done’s latest full-length, Total Power, the band’s sophomore effort. For this endeavor, we find a more vocally restrained Moyal crooning in a moody baritone, over suitably dour music that invokes Sister of Mercy, Joy Division and other English sad sacks, in all the best ways. It’s dark, danceable and relies heavily on a thick, buzzy bass line and affected guitar layering. Though the music is all Damien Done, the anonymous musicians in the the shadowy video—directed and edited by Joe Halby—are apparently stand ins.

Total Power was mixed by James Paul Wisner and is set for release on May 19 on multiple formats via Chicago’s Mind Over Matter Records. You can preorder your copy here.

Here’s what Moyal had to say about “Pray For Me”:

“This is a love song that sees its subject reconciling a life of jaded discontent with the newfound fulfillment his partner provides. I believe the concept is delivered via a series of poignant, cynical one-liners, and against a driving sonic backdrop. The result owes a debut to Joy Division and the Pixies. I tried to drench my flowery sentiments in gloom, and in spite of its modern execution and production, I hope ‘Pray for Me’ is perfectly suited for an early-’90s goth club.”