Video Premiere: See You Next Tuesday – ‘Day in the Life of a Fool’

Warning: the following video does contain flashing lights and strobe effects that may cause issues for those with epilepsy. Please consume responsibly.

Like many other bands from the Myspace-affiliated scene of the 2000s, mathcore/grind/deathcore amalgam See You Next Tuesday released two killer albums, played a bunch of shows and took a hiatus. Releasing their last album in 2008 and putting things (mostly) on ice in 2009, See You Next Tuesday broke their musical silence last year and dropped a new song, “Hey Look, No Crying.”

It was the first single from Distractions, See You Next Tuesday’s first album since 2008’s Intervals. With less than three weeks to go before Distractions is released, Decibel has a premiere of “Day in the Life of a Fool,” the band’s latest offering. The years have done See You Next Tuesday good—”Day in the Life of a Fool,” as well as the rest of the songs on Distractions, are more thoughtful and well-written, maintaining the band’s heavy intensity with fewer moments of wackiness for the sake of it.

The accompanying video is a rehearsal video but it’s filmed in the first person, which is fun. You can watch the video for “Day in the Life of a Fool” below and pre-order Distractions now.

Photo: Lauren Slavik