Video Premiere: Phantom Fire – “Mara”

Photo Credit: Rune Hals

When Phantom Fire cut away from the performance footage in their “Mara” video to show the band members going on a beer run, that’s when I knew they meant business. When they dispensed with the live clips altogether to show the band downing pints of Guinness, that’s when I fell in love.

These thirsty Norwegians aren’t just beer drinkers — they’re hell raisers, too. The black/death/thrash maelstrom on sophomore LP Eminente Lucifer Libertad is old-school, evil riff worship of the first order. Phantom Fire is the kind of band to use the Tom G. Warrior “OUGH!” as a punctuation mark. If that’s up your alley – and you’re reading this on the Deciblog, so I imagine it must be ­– check out the video for “Mara,” premiering exclusively here today.

Read the band’s statement on “Mara,” Eminente Lucifer Libertad, and the entire Phantom Fire project below:

“‘Mara’ has been with us for quite some time, it being the B-side of our first single. That was the demo version with Ask from Kampfar on drums and it sounded very ’80s Heavy Metal. We approached it a bit different for the album version. This time around it’s a new black n roll beast made for riding your hog full throttle through the Norwegian mountains.

We are eager to unleash this second single from our forthcoming album, Eminente Lucifer Libertad.

We are also very pleased with this album, feeling that we have connected the dots a bit better this time around. Phantom Fire is not only a band for us, it’s a celebration of our love for heavy. Everything we do have a reference to something that we love about heavy music, horror movies or the movement as a whole. Each song has a hit to a period or a specific band that we like. Even the length of the album is not a coincidence.

We don’t aim to reinvent metal, but we sure celebrate it and do feel that we don’t sound like any other retro band.”

Pre-order Eminente Lucifer Libertad, out March 3 via Edged Circle Productions.